Thursday, December 24, 2009

Spring by Example Update (1.1)

Almost all examples have been upgraded to Spring 3.0 (except for the Aspect LTW example, GWT ones, and OSGi ones). Also a new Grails example has been added.

The web examples in particular have all been upgraded (except for GWT/OSGi) to use the new Spring MVC Namespace. Keith Donald, from SpringSource, wrote a great blog going over some of the new Spring MVC simplifications in MVC Simplifications in Spring 3.0. All the webapps were updated to use Spring MVC best practices as much as possible, except their URLs aren't currently RESTful. That will be changed as soon as soon as possible.

All modules have been upgraded to Spring 3.0 and Maven group and artifact IDs have been changed to follow Spring naming conventions (ex: custom-thread-scope --> org.springbyexample.threadscope).

The Spring 2.5.x version of the site and all examples are still available. It's available at Spring by Example 2.5.x, which is version 1.0.3.