Sunday, May 31, 2009

Spring by Example Update (1.03)

Two new examples were added. One is the Simple Flex Webapp and the other is Simple Spring Integration. Also the setup in the appendix was updated to have a section configuring SpringSource Tool Suite. Besides getting extra features like tutorials, tips when using Spring, and access to the Spring knowledge base for diagnosing stack traces, you also get a reduced installation since it comes with other plugins like for AspectJ and Maven.

The Simple Flex Webapp, which is based on Simple Spring MVC Form Annotation Configuration Webapp but replaces the HTML search page with a Flex application. It uses Spring BlazeDS Integration (verson 1.0.0.RC2) for remoting. The Flex app also has logging, internationalization in sync with the server side locale, and uses the MVC framework Cairngorm.

Simple Spring Integration uses Spring Integration to process a book order and appropriately route the message depending on if it's a pickup from the store or it should be delivered.