Thursday, November 20, 2008

Spring by Example Update (0.94)

There isn't any change in the content, but the URLs generated aren't numbered anymore. Before if an article was inserted, it would bump all the other numbers up. Now the example articles will be easy to bookmark through a symlink from version to version as they're updated. So instead of '/static/0.93/html/ar21.html' for Dynamic Tiles 2 Spring MVC Module the url is now '/static/0.94/html/dynamic-tiles-spring-mvc-module.html' or through the symlink to the latest version it's '/static/examples/html/dynamic-tiles-spring-mvc-module.html'.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Spring by Example Update (0.93)

The site's static examples have just been updated to version 0.93. It's mainly some minor updates correcting errors again. A note was added about classloading issues when using the custom ServletContext scope. Also, Barry M. pointed out that the Dynamic Tiles 2 Spring MVC Module had a typo for the tilesBodyAttributeName default value. It said 'body' instead of 'content'. Thank you Barry!